A Scroll Down Memory Lane

It seems hard to believe that I captured my first newborn 6 years ago. I had always had the photography bug, but after having my son, it kicked into high gear. When a friend of mine gave birth to her son, I seized the opportunity to give it a try and was instantly hooked. I have a hunch that his awesome, ready-made faux hawk had something to do with it…

Have you ever loved learning? Very few subjects gave me this passion, but after this one 2-3 hour session (when I wasn’t Mom-ing) I was totally absorbed in reading more, studying more and practicing more. Of course, when you spend as much time as I did studying other people’s work, you tend to copy their style, which is fully what I did.

My time was being split between raising kids, my paying job and my photography work, and let me tell you, the Mom guilt was for REAL. My husband and I decided that our goal would be for me to quit my “real job” and do the stay at home mom thing, which led us to a new home here in New Hampshire and my own small studio to continue this little hobby of mine.

Then came the twins! The twins (in case anyone was wondering) caught us completely by surprise and brought our grand total of children to 4 under the age of 4. Yes, you read that right, my oldest was 3 (a few months shy of 4), my middle was 1 (a couple months shy of 2), and then I had newborn twins… believe me after that, my decision to be a stay at home mom was questioned quite a few times.

But we survived (thus far any ways) and photography turned into more than just my hobby but a creative outlet for me to recharge, and subdue the stresses of everyday life with four kids. It was around this time when I really started to explore my own style and what made me happy creatively.

So, what makes me happy creatively is (in no particular order): neutral colors, similar color tones, feathered lighting, simple set-ups, multiples (twins and beyond… **wink wink** talking about you Cook quads), cozy knit outfits, fuzzy bear bonnets, wrapping, mom shots, dad shots, sibling shots, and above all else family shots. It is ever evolving and I enjoy figuring it out!

I could not be more grateful for every baby who has come my way and every family who has trusted me and valued my work at whatever stage of my journey I happened to be upon at the time. At the start of my new website and as I look back at all the work that made up my previous site, I still have love for every single image that led me here and I feel unbelievably lucky that I get to do this and call it my “real” job.

3 thoughts on “A Scroll Down Memory Lane

  1. I love seeing all these photos! They are all SO perfect!

  2. I love learning how people get to where they are. It’s also fun to see how someone’s esthetic changes over time!

  3. Such great memories! You truly do an amazing job!

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