Sporty Ballerina Princess

This is my oldest little girl. She is your typical “girly girl.” She loves dresses, does the monkey bars until her hands are calloused, steals my elastics to giver her dolls make overs, has a killer little t-ball swing, makes a beautiful little ballerina, loves wrestling with her brother, gushes over babies, gushes over bugs, and has the best (sounds as if she is about to pee her pants) laugh.

Too many times growing up as a strong and athletic girl I was looked at in a certain way. Hoping to teach her to be her own definition of a girly girl because boys do not have a monopoly on these traits and they should not speak to anyone’s gender identity or preferences.

3 thoughts on “Sporty Ballerina Princess

  1. I absolute love this!

  2. These are amazing! I feel like my Chloe will be doing very similar photos in the years to come!!!

    1. Absolutely, a perfect mix of ballerina and BMX!

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