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This session was rained out more times than I can count. Luckily we were rewarded for our patience with the hottest day day of the year!!! Mom couldn’t have chosen a better pair of themes for this incredible hot day, I just felt bad for the people who were really looking to buy some ice cold lemonade from our fake stand.

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Twin Mom with Bright Ideas

Twins, man! I am telling ya… never have I been able to experience such a wide array of emotions in one day. On this particular day, things started out pretty good. Whenever Maggie wakes up not grumpy I have hope for the day. I am pretty sure that is how they tricked me into agreeing to a Toy Story 4 viewing. They were definitely supposed to be cleaning their room which somehow went from clean to mess in 10 seconds flat. Also, who could resist the promise of a double snuggle when it is a cold, dreary day?!

When the day starts out this good seemingly bright ideas start to pop into my head. Things like “mmm, I could go for some warm apple cider donuts.” Then, “hmm, the overcast weather actually would make for good lighting.” Finally, “oooooh, the sunflowers at the farm are still in bloom.”

Now, I should know that succumbing to “bright” unplanned ideas means things are quickly about to turn to sh*t. This is mainly because unplanned excursions and 4 year old twins are a bad mix. Unfortunately, I have not learned this lesson and instead set to work on putting together outfits. Two hours later, several outfit changes, and what feels like 100 hours looking for boots and we were off on our way. Still, things were looking up. The weather was holding out, I was pleased with the outfits I choose, I found the boots and my ladder is packed in the car.

One very long 10 minute car fight later and we arrived at out local farm to an empty parking lot. “That seems odd,” I think to myself but oh well the more sunflowers for us! Well, turns out that was odd because had I checked the farm website or facebook page I would have discovered that the farm stand was indeed open… but there was no entrance into the sunflowers, pumpkins or apple fields for the day. Cue whining!

Luckily the end to almost all protests is a trip to the “bear park.” Unluckily, the end to almost any trip to the bear park is filled with lots of fighting. Fighting about how many more last things we get to do, fighting about who can get their seat belts buckled first, fighting about why it’s not nice to gloat about being the first to the first to buckle your seat belt, and fighting about “Yes, I know that is your water bottle but for the love of god can you please just share it with your sister since it is all the water we have left!” Here are some of the moments that make it seem like it was a great day!

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10 thoughts on “Child Photographer

  1. I feel this whole post. I attempted to take pictures for Christmas cards. Two hours, and three grumpy boys later, I had officially given up. My husband asked why we just didn’t go to you for the pictures!

  2. I love these pictures of the twins. It shows the bond they have and the love they have for each other! ❤️

    1. They really are best friends. They each think the other is hilarious.

  3. I love this whole thing! The pics the story all of it! A day in the life :).

    1. It is always interesting!

  4. These are so cute! I’m excited to photograph Addie and Jacob with you when the time is right!

    1. Cannot wait! J must be soo big!

  5. You are truly the best photographer! Can’t wait to work with you again in the future 💙

  6. They are adorable and twins really are the best 😉

  7. Gosh these girls are the best! I miss them so much 😊

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