Dracut Newborn Photographer – One month boy

Most of the newborns I photograph are not this (ehem) full. That is probably because I aim to photograph newborns from 5-14 days old. This little guy, however, was already 1 month old when Mom contacted me. I was upfront when speaking with mom about the possible challenges of photographing a newborn this late in the game. Mom knew she didn’t want to miss out on capturing his newness so we booked a date asap. I felt very confident we would be able to capture something beautiful regardless of his co-operation.

Turns out the only challenge we would have was waking this sleepy boy up for the awake shots mom was hoping for. Every baby I have is different which is how I can come to have a 4 and a half week old baby boy completely shatter the 10 day rule. I just love him in this bucket with his sleepy little arm hanging down. I would have to say that my favorite shot is definitely the one of this little boy in his Mama’s arms. Is there anything better than that? Welcome to the world little man.

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3 thoughts on “Dracut Newborn Photographer – One month boy

  1. Newborns can take the best when sleeping!

  2. Those sweet little cheeks <3

  3. He was so little! 💜

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