6 week old Preemie – Nashua, NH

This 6 week old preemie was so good to me! After a rough start to the session (when after 6 years together my trusty nikon D600 gave out and stopped working) we were able to take a quick break, a quick trip to best buy, and pick right back up were we left off. Even though it was a couple hours later she came back just as sleepy as before. We were able to accomplish all of the individual, parent, prop and family shots with barely a peep. She even threw in a couple sweet smiles for us. As always my favorite shots are the family ones. I just cannot get enough of the one with the baby girl getting cuddle by her Mama.

Nutter Photography is currently booking newborn sessions through June. To book now please contact me via phone at 978-996-8796, by email through my contact page https://nutterphotography.com/contact/, or using private message at https://www.facebook.com/NutterPhotography/.

If you have had a premature baby girl or boy who has spent time in the NICU there is still time for photos. Preemies tend to sleep more like their adjusted age which can give us several extra weeks. Contact me today for more info.

3 thoughts on “6 week old Preemie – Nashua, NH

  1. Soooo precious! Beautiful work!

  2. Tiny lovebug. I really regret having never done these.

  3. Beautiful! I love the newborn shoots!

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