One Year Portraits – Nashua Photographer

I am constantly reminded at how quickly time is passing when a newborn, who I just photographed a week ago comes in for his(her) one year portraits. How could this little boy already be so big? And, how on earth could he already have such a great big personality? He somehow seemed to already know how lame I am but was, thankfully, too polite to call me out on it. Instead he gave me his patented pity laughs – which luckily enough are just about the cutest thing ever!

An hour long session can be really tough for a one year old. This guy, however, was so happy and playful the whole time and I could have easily kept going all day. Unfortunately for me, he had places to go and people to see. Eventually not even mom was quick enough to contain him to one area. This is only a handful of my favorites from his one year portrait session. C, you are already cooler than me – Happy Birthday, little man!

Nutter Photography is currently booking newborn, milestone and first birthday sessions through June. To book now please contact me via phone at 978-996-8796, by email through my contact page, or using private message at

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