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I cannot believe it has been almost 2 years since I did my first in home newborn session. Even harder to believe is that my very first in home newborn is now a big brother!! His new baby sister wasn’t quite as co-operative as him, but she was just as cute. Fingers crossed she inherits those sweet curls too!

This little cutie was a pretty good sleeper for me although he was not in love with my attempts to pose him. He seemed to decide that the day of his session was a good day to double his food intake. I can’t be mad though, he let us get through much of what we were hoping for. He only woke up at the end if his session which was my cue to get in a quick round of baby mug shots. He gave us some of these adorable newborn expressions.

This newborn baby boy was so good for me for his in home session. He was a little touchy at first. He didn’t quite know what to make of me moving him around. However, as soon as we introduced him to a pacifier he was OUT. He slept through the whole session with flying colors until he got hungry at the end. We tried to be greedy and go for one last prop but he wouldn’t hear of it. I get like that when I am hungry too.

I was so nervous to go back to in home sessions but they are becoming pretty routine at this point. This newborn baby girl was an amazing sleeper. She barely made a peep unless I was attempting to unclench her tight little fists. I was unsuccessful in this first pose, luckily, which led to this modified side lying pose and I adore the result.

I just love working with this family. They are the sweetest little bunch and adorable to boot. The newest addition, newborn P, was such a good baby and will definitely fit right in. He even has the same budding Celtics obsession as his big brother. We worked through all of my poses and even had time to test out my new baby moon at the end.

Wow, 2020 was quite the year! Personally, I had high hopes for the year. I had intended to really focus on my newborn photography business. I expected to have all 4 kids in school full days (I’d made it). So, naturally I expected to have so much time on my hands that I didn’t know what to do with it all. As we all know this was not the case. Somehow after 6 years I have backward, having all 4 kids at home and being a travelling and in home newborn photographer. Thus, having even less time to focus on my business.

I don’t think there is any need to lie… it was a miserable year. For me, it was a miserable year preceded by a miserable year. For those of you who don’t know I spent most of 2019 in constant pain with a back injury. Call it optimism or delusion or maybe just the hopefulness of a vaccine providing an end to this madness but I can’t help but consider myself fortunate. My husband has kept his job and had the ability to work from home. I have had the flexibility to assist my kids in learning remotely. Most importantly (fingers crossed) all of my loved ones have remained healthy. In addition to all that my husband had the benefit of receiving a vaccine in Phase 1a. Fortunate!

As for my business…. well I didn’t get to focus on my marketing or on my SEO or on building my newborn photography client base. However, I did survive which sadly is more than can be said for many other small business owners like myself. I was able to have sessions outdoors, my clients have been amazing at respecting my decisions, and I was able to make enough money to put food on the table and pajamas on my kids. Yes, it has been challenging! It has also been somewhat enlightening. It has broken many of my disillusions. For example, that I couldn’t photograph an entire newborn session outdoors or that I couldn’t photograph newborns past 4 weeks. No, I never envisioned being an exclusively outdoor photographer and especially not a traveling newborn photographer but I consider myself lucky to have the option.

Traveling and being an in home newborn photographer is not ideal. It requires hours of extra work and has resulted in several broken props, for example. However, after the year we have had it is a drop in the bucket. If it means I keep getting to snuggle adorable babies I am in!

Below is my first in home newborn session in 6 years. So, in 2021 I resolve to have no expectations and take things as they come. As long as they come in the form of tiny squishy humans.

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