Cake Smash Photographer Gallery

  • Mr. Onederful Cake Smash
  • Cocomelon Cake Smash
  • Wild One Cake Smash
  • Outdoor Highchair Cake Smash
  • Arctic Animals Cake Smash
  • Baby Shark Cake Smash
  • Pink and Rose Gold Cake Smash
  • Beach Cake Smash
  • Gold Glitter Cake Smash
  • Wilderness Camping Cake Smash
  • Bubble bath splash
  • One year portrait
  • one year cake smash
  • Twinkle Little Start Cake Smash
  • Football Cake Smash
  • Mermaid Cake Smash
  • Peter Pan Cake Smash
  • Ice Cream Cone Smash
  • First Year Down Cake Smash
  • Surfing Cake Smash
  • Sunshine Cake Smash
  • Purple and Violet Cake Smash
  • Construction Cake Smash

These cake smash photographer sessions are so much fun! They are my favorite way to commemorate baby’s first birthday photos. I recommend that you start with a theme or a color scheme. The possibilities are endless. You could match your child’s nursery theme or birthday party theme. We could match your child’s favorite book, show or song. You could even be super simple and decide for no decorations at all. There are also endless puns. For example, Mr. ONEderful, Wild ONE, Donut (do not) Grow up, Happy Bee Day (B-day), and 1st Down (cue Gronk spike).

Cake smash photographer sessions don’t even have to be cake smashes. There are lots of other alternatives if you child doesn’t like cake (which is about 50/50 for one year olds). Does you child prefers donuts, ice cream, pancakes, pizza, spaghetti, etc.? These are still a great options to celebrate your child’s one year portraits. These types of alternatives can also be great if you child happens to have an allergy(allergies) that prevents them from having cake.

I know from experience how little time you have when you are taking care of an infant so I am happy to take care of everything. All d├ęcor for the cake smash photos and the cake (pizza, donuts, etc.) are included in your session fee. After all the smashing (if desired) we will clean up with a little bubble bath action. The post smash bubble bath can often turn into the highlight of the session if your little one loves splashing around in the water.

To book now please call 978-996-8796, email me using my contact page or Private message me on facebook

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