About Me

My name is Kerri (Nutter) Tarmey and I operate Nutter Photography out of Nashua, NH. I am married, have four adorable kids and suffer from third child syndrome. I realize that third child syndrome is not an actual condition but I feel it is a defining characteristic about myself. It is where my drive to be behind the camera comes from. When your children flip through the family photo album I hope that they find more pictures of themselves than of the family dog (unlike myself). That is where I hope to come in! Let’s plan a custom session that will fit your family’s style, be tons of fun and result in gorgeous images (and you can avoid the guilt trips I give my mom for not having any pictures that I exist in). 

In my pursuit to offer my clients the best possible quality I have studied photography and photoshop at the collegiate level and taken workshops with some of the leaders in the industry. I put the safety of my newborns at the absolute top of my priority list and as such I have taken numerous courses, workshops, etc. on newborn safety, newborn posing and the anatomy and physiology of infants. 

Here are a few other not so defining but still fun facts about myself: I like numbers (I actually majored in math in college), I married my neighbor whom I have known since I was 3. I am skilled at running into people (a talent I honed as a Lock on the UML Women’s rugby team), I love neat penmanship which goes fantastically with my love of making lists, and I leave my Christmas tree up well into January.

Take a look inside my studio and find out what to expect from your newborn session (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pzXlVo5LaI).

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