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Family photos are so awkward.

I am not happy with how I look.

I wouldn’t know what to wear.

We don’t have time.

It’s too expensive.

We don’t take good photos.

My kids would never co-operate.

My husband would never co-operate.

There are 1,000 different reasons to hold off getting photos of your family. While I cannot help you with all of them (those stubborn husbands are tough) I can say that your family is likely no different than any other family I have photographed. Lots of people ask for help on how to co-ordinate outfits. (I wrote a whole blog post about it . Most everyone’s kids misbehave. Almost all families need help knowing how to pose. The perfect effortless shots that you have drooled over are very often (almost exclusively in my experience) a lie.

I have spent a lot of time learning flattering posing and light as well as what makes families smile (hint: It is almost always potty humor). However when it comes to small children those things only go so far. Luckily, that is where photoshop comes in. I have years of experience using photoshop to make sure everyone looks their best. Head swapping is life around here. I know from personal experience how stressful picture day can be. While I cannot promise a stress free session I think most of my clients would agree that it is worth it.

Whether you prefer posed portraits or candid lifestyle I feel confident we will create images worthy of printing and hanging on your wall. I have numerous location suggestions depending on your vision. However, I am happy to explore new locations if you have a place in mind. I also do beach sessions in the summer months as well as fall and Christmas minis in October and November. Mini session are a great option if you want something cost effective and don’t need a lot of images.

To book your family portrait photographer now please call 978-996-8796, email me using my contact page or Private message me on facebook

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