Cake Smash Photographer – Wild One Dinosaur

I love how fun this set turned out. Mom contacted me with her ideas for a simple but color Dinosaur themed cake smash. She envisioned lots of blue, green and orange and I think it was perfect for this little guy. I just love his dinosaur scaled cake in matching colors.

He was a bit more interested in the balloons than his cake at first but as you can see he got the idea pretty quickly. He was a great little smasher and put a good dent in his cakes all the while smiling up a storm for us. I am pretty sure, though, that he would say his favorite part was splashing around in the tub while getting cleaned up! In fact he did so much splashing that there was more water outside the tub than inside afterwards. Mom wanted a preview full of cake smash photos. So, unfortunately, you won’t get to see the other one year portraits we did for him but I assure you they are just as cute.

Nutter Photography is currently booking cake smash photographer sessions through June 2020. To book now please contact me via phone at 978-996-8796. You can also use email through my contact page, or using private message at

5 thoughts on “Cake Smash Photographer – Wild One Dinosaur

  1. Meghan Pstragowski December 8, 2019 — 6:59 pm

    Love these “Cake Smash” pictures!! Matthew is so adorable.

  2. Love it! Lachlan might need a shoot like this!!

  3. This looks like one happy little boy!

  4. I would love to do a session like this ! So cute

  5. I will definitely be doing a session like this!!

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