One Year Old Portraits

Baby M was quite the cautious baby boy for his one year portraits. He is very curious about new things (much like his brother at the bottom of the page), and you get the sense that he is figuring it all out while he watches. He has learned a bunch of new skills lately and prefers to have mom close by while he tests them out. Luckily, Mom, worked the magic that only moms can, and we were able to get these smiles.

This curious one year old was all about exploring during his one year session. He kept looking up to Mom and Dad for reassurance that the crazy lady holding the camera and smelling his feet was trustworthy. I’m not sure if they convinced him. I could hardly believe how well he was walking since I just saw him a couple months ago for his Fall mini. He got tons more practice during his session during his repeated attempts at escape. I honestly cannot complain though because for a one year old walking as well as him he did an amazing job staying put especially when it was clear that he did not find me all that entertaining. Happy Birthday to this blue eyed baby boy!

Nutter Photography is currently booking newborn, milestone and one year portrait sessions. To book now please contact me via phone at 978-996-8796, by email through my contact page, or using private message at

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