Birth Photography – My chunky new baby cousin

So incredibly honored to have witnessed this little man come into the world. It was such an amazing experience and his Mama is a true warrior. I am not gonna lie being a part of his birth photography makes me feel just a little bit closer to him. Please don’t get me wrong I love him and all of his siblings immensely but this little chunky boy will always have a special place in my heart. Even if, this far, he hastn’t exactly made it easy on me. From pooing directly on me to farting up a storm to filling his diaper quite forcefully just as I was about to finish his wrap I can tell it is all in love…or hate, who knows! Either way I am thoroughly enjoying the baby snuggles he seems to demand before any cooperation will be given. Welcome to the world baby E!

Don’t stop scrolling when you get to the end of the newborn photos. I have included all of the images I made with his family since he was announced. I am particularly in love with the birth photos.

Don’t stop scrolling there are lots more from this family below. Some of my favorites from his home birth are below – told you Mom was a warrior.

While Nutter Photography does not currently offer birth photography we are currently booking newborn sessions through June 2020. To book now please contact me via phone at 978-996-8796, by email through my contact page, or using private message at

3 thoughts on “Birth Photography – My chunky new baby cousin

  1. What a beautiful family!! ❤️

  2. This must have been an amazing experience!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait for our newborn shoot in February

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