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It is here! If you are a New England Photographer then fall is surely your favorite time of year. Please don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I love late night beach sessions, and warm hazy sun but there is nothing like Fall in New Hampshire. I cannot pass up the warm color palettes, the added texture of sweaters and a good boot, and is there anything more irresistible than some chunky baby things in a pair of tights?! All of that complemented by the gorgeous fall foliage.

October is always such a busy month as it is when I hold my fall mini session. Fall minis are so smart for a family looking for a few updated pictures. 15-20 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot but it is the perfect amount of time to hit those highlights that everyone always wants. Check out some of my most recent mini sessions to see what I mean.

I know how easy it is to put off photographing your family. As the one always behind the camera I am guilty of not making the time too. There are a never ending lists of reasons not to:

Family photos are so awkward.

I am not happy with how I look.

I wouldn’t know what to wear.

We don’t have time.

It’s too expensive.

We don’t take good photos.

My kids would never co-operate.

My husband would never co-operate.

While, I cannot help you with all of those things (those stubborn husbands can be tough) I hope that most of my clients would say it is worth all the time and aggravation. As a mom of 4 kids that seem to be getting older at an alarming pace I only ever regret the photos I didn’t take.

To book your Fall mini sessions with a New England Photographer please call 978-996-8796, email me using my contact page https://nutterphotography.com/contact/ or Private message me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/NutterPhotography/.

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