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Baby Girl

Baby Boy

Baby Girl

Squishy Baby Girl

Baby girl did a bit of flip flopping on me. I got through our first 2 poses so easily that I thought to myself “this session is going to be a breeze.” I may have jinxed myself a bit. This sweet little newborn let us get almost everything we had planned. However, it was a bit of a struggle. She had the saddest little cry. I am very thankful she liked being bounced and was sleepy enough to keep settling back down. I am also thankful for those cheeks for making the wrapped shots look extra round and squishy! Those belly rolls aren’t bad either!!

Newborn Baby Dimples

Good lord do I have the best job. Look at this beautiful baby girl and her little dimple <3. Not only that but she had the most flawless skin and the most adorable little pouty lips.

Baby in a basket

My session prior to this sweet gal was a little traumatic. I got the little guy into the first pose and all looked promising until he woke up abruptly and we had a bit of a day after that. When things began the same way with her I must admit I was sweatin’. Thankfully after a little feed she went right back to sleep and was fantastic for the rest of the session. We were able to get through all of my regular workflow as well as several props including bucket pose which is one of my favorites.

Unfortunately dad had to work and wasn’t available for family photos but good news for me as it means I get a second chance to snuggle the girl. BEST JOB EVER! Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

Baby girl in Bucket pose

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