Extended Family Session – Salisbury Beach

Well the weather forecasters really pulled one over on us for this session. We went from cancelled to tentative to on all in the matter of about 6 hours. We ultimately decided to start the session earlier than scheduled. I feared that the forecast-ed rain we would mean that there would be clouds affecting the light. Well, wouldn’t you know it, we showed up to blue skies and the sun a’ shining. Not gonna lie, it is tricky to work with a large group in full sunlight! Thankfully we had some extremely patient kids and plenty of volunteers to hold up my enormous reflector.

I just love doing these extended family sessions even when the weather has me sweatin’. The only though on my mind being “how on earth I am going to light all these people evenly.” My favorite thing is seeing in print everything that has come from two people creating a life together. I hope all these beautiful faces find a place on Grammy’s wall!

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