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A simple request for a photo with the sunset (and some help from my kids who completed disregarded my pleas to “not get your hair/photo cloths wet”) led to this impromptu photoshoot. She is becoming quite grown up and I am missing the chubby cheeked, raspy voiced baby who would make me jump her until my arms fell off! Fortunately, she is delightful young lady and not a bad model, either.

Senior Portrait Friend Session

I have known this girl her whole live. She has been my model, my co-conspirator, my assistant and my babysitter but I am must lucky that she has been my niece. Can’t wait to see what you will be next!

I am so glad these two decided to combined their sessions. Senior sessions are better when you have a friend to share in the fun.

I don’t want to admit how long I have been photographing Sam…..just kidding…Amanda but I am almost to the point where I know her name. So it must be a long time.

Round 2 with this girl!

Industrial Style Senior Portraits

Sister Senior Portraits

I didn’t know that after taking big sister C’s senior portraits last year that I would be seeing her family again so soon. Then, to my surprise, Mom booked a beach session for Y-Class of 2022. This time the whole family tagged along. When my three girls are in high school I hope they have a relationship as good as these three sisters do.

Ella is 5 – Still

Sometimes, when you are a family of 6, Hampton beach trips are just simply more enjoyable in the evening. There are less crowds (ok that one is for mom). There is free parking (ok that last one is just for Dad). Most importantly there is no sun screen-ing! Sometimes when your mom is a beach photographer she cannot pass up golden hour at the beach. She will definitely try to rope you into the occasional beach photo-shoot. However, sometimes all you want to do is jump some waves. Sheesh, what do I look like a model?! Honestly, I have heard all of her one liners 1,000 times! The lady definitely needs some new material if she want to get this girl smile. Mom always gets these “bright ideas.” For example, recreating her favorite image of you from babyhood.

Sometimes she’ll bring your favorite tutu for afterwards as a low down dirty bribe. Fortunately, I generally respond to bribes. Besides everyone know that tutus work better than bathing suits, anyways. Finally, the shoot is “over” and I get to just play! But, sometimes playing in the water by yourself is overrated. Luckily, sometimes little sisters make the best co-wave jumpers. Often, when you are in the middle-ish child your “5 year old portraits” are taken when you are 5 years and 10 months. And, often when you are 5 years and 10 months taking pictures is not your favorite. But thankfully, often mom’s favorite images are the ones she gets when she is giving me no direction at all. I guess real life is just better that way.

Beach silhouette

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  1. Nutter Photography is simply the best! We love to get our yearly family pics with Kerri. She’s fantastic!

  2. The before and after of my baby girl was definitely one of brightest ideas.

  3. I’m in love with these! I want Chloe to do some!!

    1. These are some of my favorites! I would love to do some with Chloe.

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