Bedford Newborn Photographer – Baby Boy B

Boy, was this guy worth the wait…all 8 days of it in the hospital while he refused to come out. He definitely has his own thoughts and opinions. One of which was “don’t you dare mess with my hands.” We battled on this front the whole session but luckily, he was a great sleeper so we got so many great photographs. My favorite has to be the one of this little guy with his Mama. How cute are the forehead wrinkles?!

Big Brother and his baby sister

This perfectly proportioned 5 pound-er was such a good boy for me! I could hardly believe how squishy he was considering he was such a peanut. Please don’t even get me started on his hair. I had long ago decided I peaked as a Bedford newborn photographer in the hair department. My very first newborn session ever ( was with a baby boy who had the most perfect natural faux hawk. This guy however is battling for first place. The photos honestly don’t do his wild, spikey do justice, trust me it is adorable!

His sweet sisters stopped by and did absolutely fantastic for the sibling and family shots. Just look at how proud first time big sister B is to be holding her little brother. Also props to Dad for throwing those perfect pig tails in like a complete pro. This dad shot we did is one of my absolute favorites. Years from now when he is learning to ride a bike or getting his driver’s license and his mom and down look back they will have the perfect memory to show the scale of just how small he once was. Welcome to the world baby boy B.

Newborn Baby Boy

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  1. Love love these!! Such beautiful photos

  2. Vote for 5lb baby boy b šŸ˜Š

  3. Love the pics and Iā€™m definitely voting for Baby Boy B!!

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