Family Photographer – “The baby sister”

This little lady was a tad on the older side for newborn photos, but she was so good to me. She did fuss a little bit at the beginning and didn’t seem to like being moved around. However, once she got used to it she did amazing. Big brother was pretty much the exact same way. He was shy at first and none of my normal tricks seemed to do it for him. Then once he warmed up, he was running around showing me all is super Sonic speed. They are so cute I could die!

It is not often that I run into a family that is even larger than my own. So, I was beyond excited to work with the M family! We had our ups and downs starting with the fact that the heat at the studio decided not to work on this very chilly day. We were thankfully able to sort that out, as you can see.

Mom and I had so much in common; all of the same fears and many of the same struggles. All the while knowing that it is all overpowered by how amazing it is to watch the strong bonds and love they have for each other. It was especially heartwarming to see all these boys fawning over “the baby sister” as she is so sweetly dubbed. I say it all the time but I just couldn’t ask for a better job! Welcome to the world baby sister, you have 4 amazing examples of how a girl deserves to be treated.

Large family of 7

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  1. I vote for the Nnama Family!! That swing prop is a show stopper, and the baby is pretty cute too! 😉

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