Christmas baby Photos in October

When mom reached out about photographing her second baby boy she had a dilemma. She wanted photos of the new baby but she just couldn’t imagine not doing the Christmas Minis. They have come to be her favorite. It was pretty clear at that point that my Christmas decorations were making their debut in October this year!

Poor baby C has been having a hard time overcoming some tummy troubles so we started off with a bit of a struggle on the posing front. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he settled down for a couple naked shots. It didn’t quite last as long as we hoped before he was awake and giving me these grumpy faces for delaying his feed.

It wasn’t exactly a smooth transition from bottle to wrap but we finally got those hands out, got big brother on board and where able to breeze through the rest of the session. I won’t share the the Christmas photos because I don’t want to spoil the card but man-o-man are they cute!!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas baby Photos in October

  1. I could look at these all day everyday ❤️

  2. This is absolutely precious!!

  3. So beautiful 🙂

  4. Always great photos.

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